#1 Believe in yourself

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It goes without saying if you want to do big things you absolutely have to believe it's possible. I'm not saying you have to be arrogant about it but you def need to believe it's possible for you to do.

Believing in yourself inspires you to take action and once you do that you are sooooooo much closer to your goals. "Confucius said: 'He who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually right,' "

#2 Can’t do epic sh!t with basic people

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Ever heard the expression you are the company you keep? If your friends, coworkers or family aren’t elevating you then they are bringing you down. It really is that simple.

Your circle will decrease in size but you will increase in value. Find a way to be around people you want to be like and over time you will become like them. Don't argue with me on this, its science!


#3 Good things come to those who hustle

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The truth is your goals will never fall in your lap. My best friend told me once you can never be in the right place at the right time if you don't go anywhere.

Simply put, you have to race towards your goals my friend, To achieve true success You need the right attitude, self-discipline and the ability to put your goal before your own needs. It doesn't just happen you have to work for it.


#4 No one cares work harder

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I know, it’s super harsh, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Everyone is dealing with their own issues so by default they don’t have time to care.

I know that was harsh so let's get to the good news. Now that you know the truth you can focus all your energy on the things that are important to you and also you can work on becoming a better you. 




#5 Don’t half a$$ anything always use your full a$$

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This is one of the most important lessons I've ever learned. You have to be all in on your dreams. You can't half ass it, you have to use your full ass lol.

When you commit to your dreams and adopt the attitude of this is the only thing I'm working on. You will be amazed at how fast things fall into place. All you will see are opportunities and ways to improve.

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