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Goodbye Tension! Hello Pension! black luxury candle

They're officially off the clock!!! Retirement is a milestone that should be celebrated so if you are looking for the best retirement gifts that are unique gift ideas and celebrate years of hard work you have come to the right place.


Check out our top 5 best retirement gifts and get ready to celebrate retirement with any of the unique retirement gifts below. The best part is each candle is packed in a gift box and we can also include a personalized message with your order.



Retired 2022 not my problem anymore black luxury candle

Looking for a retirement gift for women that will not only make her laugh but show you care? Nothing says happy retirement like this unique retirement gift for both men and women. They no longer have to deal with any problems and are officially off the clock.

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Fucking quitter I mean happy retirement black luxury candle

If you need a unique gift that's better than a tote bag, golf balls, wine box, wine glass or luggage tags look no further. This is the perfect retirement gift with loads of humor. This candle is a fantastic retirement gift reserved for the coworker you have a bond with and it's among the top unique retirement gift ideas. It's also guaranteed to get a few laughs at any retirement party. It's a gag gift and definitely a fun gift but most of all it shows you care in the funniest way possible. It's literally the perfect gift.

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You will be missed luxury candle jar

Looking for a great retirement gift idea? This is it! We call this one “tell them how you really feel” this is a great affordable gift for a coworker who was indispensable to the team. Each candle is packed in a gift box so you don't have to worry about anything else except giving it to the lucky recipient and watching them smile.

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Retired. 1 Living my best life 2. Traveling 3. Not my problem luxury candle jar

Imagine their reaction when they open their retirement gift box and see this one lol. It's a great retirement gift that shows the true definition of retired life. This unique gift is great for a retiring woman or man. This thoughtful present is sure to put a smile on anyone's face with its funny message.

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The legend has retired black luxury candle

The perfect retirement gift does exist and it's this awesome candle. This wonderful gift is perfect for a retired lady, female coworker, female colleague, or a female boss. This simple gift will be a great start to this new chapter in their life where they can dedicate it to spending time with family and friends. This candle is one of the best retirement gift ideas you will ever find.

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Our scented candles make great retirement gifts for women as well as great retirement gifts for men. With quotes like “ Retired 2022, not my problem anymore “, we have plenty of options for funny retirement gifts that your co workers will love.


We have many quote options that allow you to make the gift more personal whether you want a good retirement gift to congratulate an employee, your boss, a friend, or family members you can find a thoughtful gift that is guaranteed to put a smile on their face.


A scented candle is one of the most unique retirement gifts ever and it's more thoughtful than a tote bag, golf balls, wine glass, wine box, or luggage tags. Think about it, who doesn't like an amazing smelling candle? It's a simple gift but it's also the best gift ever lol.


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That’s all for now my friend! I hope I was able to make your hunt for retirement gifts a little easier.


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What is an appropriate retirement gift?

Retirement gift ideas can include watches, necklaces, plaques, and other items which are numbered in recognition of a lifetime of service at the company or in the industry. However, if you are looking for more inexpensive retirement gift ideas we suggest scented candles with a funny message, or a coffee mug. These affordable gift ideas are also great as a gag gift at a retirement party.


What are good retirement gifts for a woman?

Unique Retirement gifts for women can be a little tricky sometimes as you want to get something that's thoughtful and useful but not completely over the top expensive. A scented candle with a message that speaks to the retiring women is a great gift that your retired friend will enjoy. Candles help relieve stress while providing a wonderful aroma so they are one of the more thoughtful gifts you can get for retired women. This is a great way to kick off their retirement celebration and this new chapter in their life.


What to give a friend who is retiring?

If you are looking for a unique gift to give your retired friend then you have come to the right place. Scented candles make the best gifts for that special person in your life that is starting a new chapter in their life. Candles are a personalized gift that speaks to the recipients' personality with the candle scent and message.


What do you give a coworker to retire?

Retirement gifts can be a great way to remember your colleagues' decades of work but are not necessarily needed. If you feel like your coworker has helped you over the years then you should show them a small token of your appreciation. The perfect gift doesn't have to be fancy or crazy expensive it just has to be something your co-worker enjoys and uses on a daily basis.


How do you honor someone in retirement?

You can honor your co-workers or family members when they retire with a unique retirement gift. A retirement gift shows that you value their years of hard work and wish them nothing but the best in this new phase of their life. A retirement party is also a great way to honor someone as they will be able to have a good send-off with their colleagues, friends, and family.


What is a typical retirement gift?

There is no typical retirement gift but some of the more classic retirement gifts include watches, necklaces, plaques engraved with the years of service to the business. It's a good idea to include important accomplishments. However, you can also give an inexpensive retirement gift that is also very thoughtful with a scented candle that has a personalized message or words of encouragement.


Do you give a gift when someone retires?

It is not mandatory to give someone a gift when they retire but it is a nice gesture if you value the hard work and dedication the person has put in during the years. A small gesture like a scented candle with a funny retirement message is an easy and expensive way to make the person feel valued for their hard work.